Why Epilog?

The adoption of image processing techniques in clinical practice is held back by interoperability and usability issues, limited resources, and skepticism toward the validation and security of AI tools. Epilog bridges the gap between engineering and epilepsy care by providing state-of-the-art EEG technology as a convenient, secure, validated, and integrated service for clinical practice, clinical trials, and research.

Deeply rooted in academic research, our core philosophy is to bring advanced EEG technology such as electrical source imaging to the bedside, allowing clinicians to focus on what matters: efficient data interpretation and more time for the patient.

For our partners in research and clinical trials, we offer expert consulting and tailor-made solutions to ensure the optimal use of EEG in their projects from ideation to preparation, data collection, and result reporting.

Epilog’s mission is to facilitate brain research and therapeutic development in epilepsy by providing insights into brain health with the help of advanced EEG analysis. Through the smart use of automated EEG analysis, we want to enable and catalyze the treatment paradigm shift toward precision medicine!


Vendor agnostic

Hardware-independent services.


ISO-13485 certified, HIPAA and GDPR compliant MedTech company.


Access your results online, anytime, anyplace.

Clinically validated

Validated techniques on a large database. Our publications detail the facts.


The latest validated technology at your fingertips.

Stellar support

A human touch to support your digital innovation.