Tailor-made EEG and data solutions to test your hypothesis
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Passion and drive to support brain research

At Epilog, brain research sits at the core of our strategy. We are convinced that advanced EEG analysis can provide unique insights into brain functioning for epilepsy, sleep, MCI, Alzheimer’s, stroke, TBI, … and other neurological diseases.

Years of experience in EEG

Epilog offers tailor-made solutions for your research (academic and industry). For this, we rely on years of experience in EEG signal processing, machine learning, software development and data management.

Prof. Dr. Pieter van Mierlo, CTO at Epilog

“Our academic experience and expertise go from hypothesis ideation to scientific writing; from advanced EEG analysis to secure data management and storage. We listen to your research needs and work together to build a tailored, high-quality solution with a recognized outcome as the main objective.”

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Success Story
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MUSC’s post-stroke research on language lateralization has been awarded at the ACNS 2020!
Learn how Epilog’s HD ESI analysis contributed.