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with automated EEG analysis.

Interpretation of overnight or 24h-EEG is a time-consuming effort, taking up approximately 1-2h of the neurologist’s time per patient. This can be a significant barrier to its adoption in clinical practice. Epilog Care addresses this problem by offering an automated analysis of overnight EEG as a service, providing the results in a concise report.

Validated AI solution
Custom and concise reporting
Secure cloud computing

EEG insights

A complete care package for automated advanced EEG reporting on overnight EEG recordings. Providing insights into spikes, seizures, heart rate, and electrical source imaging (ESI) for the clinical decision-making and presurgical planning in epilepsy.

Persyst ESI powered by Epilog is also available as a fully integrated solution with Persyst to provide valuable insights into the preoperative evaluation for refractory epilepsy.

Caroline Neuray, MD - CEO at Epilog
“Electroencephalograms are crucial in the diagnosis and monitoring of Epilepsy. Unfortunately, their reading and interpretation are time-consuming and not always straightforward.
Epilog Care aims to take away some of that burden so that you can focus on your patient.”
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3 steps to advance long-term EEG and PSG reading


Artifact removal, correct filtering, and standardized noise reduction.


Spikes, seizures, ECG trending, sleep characteristics and sleep spindles.


Comprehensive report with a 3D fusion of EEG and MRI.