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De-risk your CNS trial with objective EEG parameters


EEG in CNS trials

Early stage

As sensitive parameters to characterize patient population and treatment, and evaluate efficacy.

Phase 2/3

As objective inclusion criteria and/or endpoints.

Phase 4

As validated biomarkers for further development and market access.

A holistic service and unique hybrid solution

Epilog advanced EEG analysis ideation
Across all clinical trial stages
From natural history and pharmaco-EEG studies to biomarker research and validation. Supporting early to late pharmaceutical development for CNS pipelines with expert consulting and advanced analysis.
Epilog advanced EEG analysis with central reading and AI
Driven by machine learning and brain power
Combining the sensitivity of automated EEG quantification, powered by AI, with the specificity and expertise of certified central readers. Standardized and centralized, for faster and more consistent results.

4 steps to successfully apply validated EEG endpoints

  1. CONSULTING - Expert consulting on EEG protocols, pharmacometrics, and biomarker validation.
  2. COLLECTING - High quality and standardized EEG data collection, at home or in the hospital.
  3. PROCESSING - Central data collection and processing on secure cloud platform, combining AI and central reading.
  4. REPORTING - Statistical analysis of endpoints and data reporting.
Eline Van Vlierberghe, BD Manager at Epilog

“Considering EEG in the early stages of clinical development paves the way to validated EEG biomarkers.
Epilog brings a fresh perspective to the table, built on clinical, technical, and practical experience.”

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EEG parameters

Epilog advanced EEG analysis electrical source imaging
Spikes and seizures
Count and localization of spikes and seizures. Evaluate EEG signals with electrical source imagining (ESI) to localize pathological signals.
Epilog advanced EEG analysis spectral analysis
Spectral and functional connectivity
Quantification of brain rhythms in the different frequency bands. Elucidate brain networks through functional connectivity analysis.
Epilog advanced EEG analysis sleep staging
Sleep staging and efficiency
Nocturnal spike count per sleep stage, sleep spindle duration, spectral features, ...
Epilog advanced EEG analysis team
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