Epilog, a brand of Clouds of Care NV, offers advanced EEG analysis as a service to support EEG monitoring and EEG interpretation in epilepsy, sleep, and other neurological diseases.

With CE-marked and FDA-cleared applications for clinicians and tailor-made solutions for clinical trials and research, we are on a mission to optimize CNS care.

For Clinicians
Epilog Clinical Care Services

Increase the certainty and efficiency of long-term EEG readings in the pre-surgical workflow of epilepsy.

For Industry
Epilog Clinical Trial Services
De-risk your clinical CNS trials with objective EEG-derived parameters as inclusion criteria and/or endpoints.
For Research
Epilog Research Services
Advance your research with tailor-made solutions, designed to meet the needs of your study.
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clouds of care
Through the collaboration with clouds of care, Epilog can offer his customers a highly qualitative service through a secure and compliant environment.
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