Epilog is an ISO-13485 certified medtech company specialized in providing EEG based insights of brain functioning for patients with epilepsy and other CNS diseases.

With CE and FDA approved applications for clinicians and tailor-made solutions for clinical trials and research we are on a mission to optimize patient care.

For Clinicians and Hospitals
Epilepsy Diagnostics and Localization
EEG Source Imaging

Our EEG source imaging (ESI) technology offers an objective standardized analysis of long-term EEG and HD-EEG to localize the epileptogenic focus in the preoperative work-up.

Epilog DX

A service that provides you concise analysis reports of sleep and epileptogenic discharges in 24h or overnight EEG to facilitate interpretation.

For Industry
Clinical Trial Services
EEG parameters
De-risk your clinical trials using Epilog’s objective EEG derived parameters as inclusion criteria and/or endpoints.
For Research
EEG biomarkers
Research services
Tailor made research services from our in-house experts designed to meet the needs of your study.