At the University Hospital of Geneva, the presurgical evaluation of refractory epilepsy patients contains a battery of clinical tests:
structural MRI, video-EEG monitoring, interictal PET, ictal SPECT, neuropsychological examination, patient history and high-density EEG.
The results are presented at case conferences that take place each week and in which 1 to 3 patients are discussed.

Epilog PreOp gives a concise summary on the type, frequency, topography and localization of the interictal epileptiform discharges that are detected in the long-term EEG. The EEG source imaging is especially useful in patients who are surgical candidates. In cases where we have used Epilog PreOp, the results brought added value for the clinical decision making. We recently also started using Epilog PreOp HD for analyzing high density EEG recordings.

Read this interesting case study demonstrating the added value of Epilog PreOp.

Other Cases

Epilog used in clinical routine

Ghent University Hospital

At Ghent University Hospital patients go through an extensive work-up before the possibility of epilepsy surgery is discussed. All patients have long-term video-EEG-monitoring (usually 7 days), 3T MRI, FDG-PET and neuropsychological testing.