The Epilog Team

Epilog was designed and developed by a team of engineers and neurologists from Ghent University and Ghent University Hospital.

The Epilog team has a large background in biomedical engineering, source imaging, clinical neurosciences, epilepsy and brain connectivity analysis.

Gregor Strobbe, CEO

developed techniques for EEG source imaging, from which Epilog has grown. For several years, he has applied source imaging technology to EEG recordings of patients from the Ghent University Hospital.

Pieter van Mierlo, CTO

has an extensive background in functional brain connectivity analysis. He has proven vital to the software development and validation of Epilog PreOp and will help in defining the future Epilog services.

Vincent Keereman, CMO

started studying Medicine during his PhD in biomedical engineering. Dr. Keereman is now a neurology resident at Ghent University Hospital and provides clinical input to optimize applications.

Lieven Nuyttens, Strategic Advisor Clinical Trials

is an expert in clinical trial management. Lieven is an enthusiastic strategic partner that is adding his large international experience to the Epilog team. 

Amir Ghasemi Baroumand, Researcher

is a passionate researcher with a strong drive to develop and validate high-end EEG signal processing technology for computer-aided EEG diagnostics in epilepsy.

Tanja Hellier, VP Epilog PreOp

Tanja did her PhD in clinical neurosciences in Aachen, followed by a Post-Doctoral Scholar at the Department of Neurosurgery at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston where she is now a research assistant professor. Tanja is leading the US marketing and sales focusing on bringing direct diagnostic value to the patient.