Our team announces the transformation of Epilog as we know it!

To facilitate our growth while maintaining our focus, we are redefining our structure. Introducing clouds of care, a holding that will nurture our two dedicated business units: Epilog and Somnilog! Clouds of care will focus on all quality- and regulatory-related aspects of our cloud, software, and infrastructure developments to keep our growth agile in the fast-paced MedTech environment. Gregor Strobbe, one of Epilog’s founders, will take the lead in clouds of care as CEO.

“Since our incorporation, Epilog focused heavily on the quality and regulatory aspects of our developments. With clouds of care, we want to further build up expertise in this area to continue providing the best quality possible for all our solutions. Not only in the development process but also in the service, delivering process and all cloud regulations that come with it.” says Gregor Strobbe, CEO of clouds of care.

Epilog maintains its services for clinical care, clinical trials, and research as three pillars of impact, with a dedicated focus on epilepsy. Caroline Neuray will leverage her clinical expertise as an epileptologist and spearhead Epilog’s mission as unit CEO.

“A clinician myself, I strongly believe in AI-based solutions to support fellow clinicians in their patient management to add certainty to diagnoses and save time to re-focus on the humane aspects of clinical care. Furthermore, we live in an exciting era of completely new treatment options, such as gene therapy and personalized precision medicine. Those require new strategies of monitoring, for which advanced EEG analyses have incredible potential. This is why I dedicate my expertise both in clinical care and research to lead the wonderful team that Epilog has become over the past years!”

Somnilog evolves into a sleep-focused business unit under the leadership of Jurgen Van Broeck. As unit CEO of Somnilog, he will build further on his extensive healthcare experience to bring automated sleep analysis to the clinic and clinical trials.

 “Powerful insights of the night, for a better day, that’s what we offer in our new entity Somnilog. We compiled a small but strong multi-disciplinary team with passionate people who want to make a difference with top-notch AI-driven analysis in the huge sleep market. After getting Epilog out of the starting blocks, this is a great new challenge.” says Jurgen Van Broeck, CEO of Somnilog.

Clouds of care, Epilog, and Somnilog thrive to optimize clinical impact by delivering top-quality solutions through focus and expertise!

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