Source localization of epileptic seizures

The ictal ESI technology is based on 25 years of research at Ghent University, Ghent University Hospital and Epilog. The technology is validated by the top experts in the field resulting in a 74% accuracy.


Manual onset annotation

Mark the electrographic onset of the seizures in the EEG of your patient.



3D patient-specific source localization

A patient-specific head model that includes six tissue types (scalp, skull, CSF, air cavities, gray and white matter) is generated from your patient’s MRI. The distrinction between gray and white matter and modeling is crucial.  >15000 dipoles are modeled for accurate sublobar localization.

Concise online report and 3D-viewer

The results of the analysis are provided in a report that contains all relevant information. The reconstructed epileptic activity can also be visualized using our 3D viewer, or exported to the PACS system of your hospital.