Epilog Satellite Symposium

European Congress on Epileptology, Vienna

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Update on ictal and interictal EEG source localization to identify the epileptogenic zone

Wednesday - August 29th // 8.00 - 09.30 am // European Congress on Epileptology

Electrical source imaging (ESI) of interictal epileptic discharges has demonstrated its value as one of the investigations that can help localize the epileptogenic zone during the preoperative work-up for refractory epilepsy. Unfortunately, its widespread use has been limited by the lack of standardization and the labour-intensiveness of the analysis. Fully automated processing of EEG data can tackle both issues at once.

In this satellite symposium several validation studies of automated interictal ESI, performed at the Danish Epilepsy Centre and Geneva University Hospital, will first be presented. We will then move on to discuss interesting cases that illustrate the value of interictal ESI in the preoperative work-up. The last part of the symposium is dedicated to the localization of ictal EEG. Ictal ESI is the new frontier of advanced EEG analysis in the preoperative work-up, and may allow localization of the seizure onset zone rather than the irritative zone. We will discuss how new analysis techniques enable electrographic seizure localization and their validation status.