Clinical Research Services revitalizing EEG using objective measures

At Epilog we are convinced that advanced EEG analysis can provide a unique window into brain functioning, and for example how it is influenced by medical or other treatments. As investigations into these effects are often complex, we offer tailor-made solutions for clinical research. For this we can rely on years of experience with EEG signal processing.

Spike and Seizure Detection

Our algorithms can screen your EEG data for epileptic activity (interictal spikes and seizures). We can provide overview measures such as #seizures/day and #spikes/hours.

Spectral analysis

We use wavelet-based techniques to investigate oscillations in the EEG. Not only in the classical delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma bands, but also high-frequency oscillations.

Connectivity analysis

Advanced algorithms based on Granger-causality are used to construct the functional connectome. This shows how the brain regions communicate with each other, and how these networks evolve.

AI and Machine Learning

Neural networks are used to classify subjects using EEG features. These features can include spectral power, functional connectivity, or other measures.