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The Epilog Academy is a space where you can find presentations, blogposts and articles on automated EEG analysis and how it can be used to improve epilepsy diagnosis

Case - Study

10-year old boy with refractory focal epilepsy

Read the case study of a 10-year old boy with refractory focal epilepsy. In this study the added value of Epilog PreOp is demonstrated and presented by Geneva University Hospital (Prof. M. Seeck). Please go to

FDA clears EEG technology Epilog PreOp

Epilog ready to enter US market

New York, January 10th, 2018 – Epilog is excited to launch Epilog PreOp in the US market after receiving FDA clearance. Epilog PreOp is the trustworthy assistant for long-term EEG diagnostics and source localization during preoperative evaluation in epilepsy. Read full article here

Bringing advanced EEG analysis to clinical practice

the benefits of a service model

Over the last decades, technological advances have brought great new opportunities into the hands of physicians. When these advances crystallize as new algorithms applied to available data, several ways are available to use them. Some algorithms require no human intervention at all, and can be provided as stand-alone software packages that can be run from a standard personal computer. However, many advanced methods are more complex and require highly trained personnel and substantial computation power to generate trustworthy results. These in turn can be interpreted by the physician and relied upon to make diagnostic or therapeutic decisions. Read full article here

Epilog Symposium 2017 // Official After-movie

The 1st Epilog Symposium after-movie on imaging trends in epilepsy. During this event we officially launched Epilog PreOp (CE approved). Now ready for usage in clinical routine!


Automated EEG analysis: current trends and future perspective

The 1st Epilog Symposium

Discover everything about our first Symposium on Imaging Trends in Epilepsy: Symposium 2017

Towards standardized EEG source imaging?