Add certainty and efficiency to your clinical practice
with automated EEG analysis.

Interpretation of overnight or 24h-EEG and PSG is a time-consuming effort, taking up approximately 1-2h of the neurologist’s time per patient. This can be a significant barrier to its adoption in clinical practice. Epilog Care addresses this problem by offering an automated analysis of overnight EEG and PSG as a service, providing the results in a concise report.

Validated AI solution
Custom and concise reporting
Secure cloud computing

EEG insights

A complete care package for automated advanced EEG reporting on overnight EEG recordings. Providing insights into spikes, seizures, heart rate, and electrical source imaging (ESI) for the clinical decision-making and presurgical planning in epilepsy.

Persyst ESI powered by Epilog is also available as a fully integrated solution with Persyst to provide valuable insights into the preoperative evaluation for refractory epilepsy.

Sleep insights

A dynamic and modular sleep report providing insights into the sleep architecture; including sleep staging, sleep spindles analysis, ECG detection, and automated trending. Contact us to become a beta tester!

Jurgen Van Broeck, CCO at Epilog
“Electroencephalograms and polysomnograms are crucial in the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological diseases and sleep disorders. Unfortunately, their reading and interpretation are time-consuming and not always straightforward.
Epilog Care aims to take away some of that burden so that you can focus on your patient.”
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3 steps to advance long-term EEG and PSG reading


Artifact removal, correct filtering, and standardized noise reduction.


Spikes, seizures, ECG trending, sleep characteristics and sleep spindles.


Comprehensive report with 3D fusion of EEG and MRI. Correlation with sleep and ECG.